SK SBD offers 3 programs to encompass the needs of varying abilities:

  • Groms Program: for those who are brand new to the sport.
  • Riders Program: for those wanting to improve their skills and work on freestyle or all-mountain riding.
  • Development or Provincial Team: for the ultra competitive wanting to enter speed and style competitions.

All programs are focused on skills development for riders ages 10 and up. Participants will work with their coach and teammates to improve their riding and learn intermediate to expert level freestyle and all-mountain skills. Most programs run on weekends with session times and dates dependant on program participation.

All programs run from the beginning of December until the end of the snow season (usually middle to end of March).  Groms Programs typically run on weekends (Saturdays or Sundays) for two hours. Riders Programs run on weekends (Saturdays or Sundays) and run from 10:00 am-3:00 pm. Riders programs at Little Red and Optimist Hill may have a slightly different schedule to take advantage of the resorts being open on weeknights. Schedule and session times are communicated prior to the season by coaches and organizers and vary with location.

The Riders Establishment/Provincial Team schedule consists of 2-3 day training cycles at western mountain resorts as well as resorts in the province of Saskatchewan.


Program fees: range from $225 – $1500 depending on which program fits you best. Check out our registration page for more details on the specific programs, what they offer, and how they can help you with your snowboarding pursuits.

Program Requirements

  • Resort Lift Tickets or Season Pass
  • SK SBD competitive membership
  • Helmet (use of helmet is a mandatory for all programs)

Additional costs you may incur include: equipment, travel, entry fees, provincial membership, food and facility costs. We will do our best to share these additional costs ahead of time.

Programs are designed to promote fun and progression in all aspects of snowboarding in a team oriented and friendly environment. All athletes in our programs get to explore the risk and limits of snowboarding in a safe managed environment with a professionally certified and experienced coaches. The program instills basic ethics of snowboarding, while promoting team bonding and learning. There is no specific specialization into a snowboard discipline; all aspects of snowboarding and competition will be focused on. The riders will be encouraged to register in local rail and jump events that are suitable to their abilities throughout the season.




Snowboarding instruction for riders from the beginner to developing snowboarder, the focus is on overall riding ability with guidance in basic movement, balance, edge control, turning, and an introduction to the terrain park. Whether snowboarding for the first time or just wanting to get better, Groms has something to offer all first timers and novice/intermediate riders. The Groms program is a 10-week program with curriculum developed from the Canada Snowboard Riders concept and with input from Canada Snowboard, Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors, and our Sask Snowboard technical development team.  The program includes set skill development for each week and measurable goals to be achieved.

The Groms program is separated into a “Beginner” lesson structure for those who are new to the sport and an “Advanced” set of lessons for those who have already acquired the beginner fundamentals such as speed and direction control but still are not solid with edge changes.  Participants will receive a “report card” which will assess their progress during the season and what skills still needed to be worked on.  This report card can act as an indicator of the athlete readiness for program progression.

Program coordinators will be responsible for notifying participants of program schedules, meeting places, and any updates or changes. On the first day coaches will assess riders and put them into groups for the season.  At the discretion of the coach, riders may be moved to another program in order to facilitate development that’s more beneficial to the individual.


Snowboarding instruction for riders who have succeeded in the Groms program and have been recommended to move on, or if new to the program and meet a coach assessed standard. The skills needed for this program are: ability to be able to control speed and direction on most terrain, be able to change edges without difficulty, have control on both toe and heel edges, be able to ride on their snowboard on a flat base, and be comfortable on their snowboard with a dynamic range of motion.  Previous freestyle skills and ability are not necessary.  This is an intermediate to advanced freestyle program for riders looking to progress in groups of similar ability athletes.

Riders will continue to work on overall riding skills and competency as well as individual specialization in jumps, rails, switch riding, as well as incorporating skills needed for speed events. The Riders program is suited for participants comfortable hitting park features and have the passion to learn more. Participants in this division can also be a part of the Development Team and will have the opportunity to be selected to the SK SBD provincial team.

Program coordinators will be responsible for notifying participants of program schedules, meeting places, and any updates or changes.  Coaches may group riders differently during the season depending on their ability level and interests. At the discretion of the coach, riders may be moved to another program in order to facilitate development that’s more beneficial to the individual.

Development/Provincial Team

Advanced riders who want to progress their skill in the area of competitive freestyle snowboarding should consider the Development or Provincial Teams. The teams spends time travelling to different locations, training in Alberta and British Columbia, and organize trips to provincial resorts and competitions.

Athletes will have a heavy focus on freestyle competitions, and work with freestyle development coaches on mental preparation, competition format, and developing tricks and runs.  Athletes who participate on the Development Team will also have the opportunity to train with the Provincial Team members and coaches. Both Development Team and Provincial Team athletes may have the opportunity to try out for the Canada Winter Games SK snowboard team.


Our programs are proudly led by our mature coaching staff that love to ride and coach! Our hiring process includes unanimous approval by the coaching and volunteer staff for each program. All coaching staff are professionally trained and active members through the Canadian Snowboard Coaching program (CSCP) and the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). All coaches recognize the Canadian Coaching Code of Ethics as the foundation for their programs.