Sask Winter Games – Selection Process

Sask Winter Games Snowboarding District Selection Process
The sport of snowboarding is excited to once again be a part of the Saskatchewan Winter Games. Feb 21-24 will see the sport showcased at Table Mountain, North Battleford, SK. If you are an athlete born in the years of 2001 to 2006 (ages 11-16 as of December 31, 2017) we would like to see you there. Of the 9 regional districts in the province all except Team North will compete in snowboarding at the games. Check out the District Teams at to see on which team your address would put you.
This will be an amazing opportunity for all the athletes involved. Athletes will be housed in an “athletes village” with the other games athletes for a chance to socialize with others from around the province. They will be provided with district team sports wear and have a chance to compete in Saskatchewan’s only 3 day long competition! Athletes will be competing in the discipline of slopestyle on the first 2 days and boarder cross on day 3. There will be a male and female division in each age category of, from 11-13 and 14-16. Two male athletes in each age category and one female from each district will be selected to compete. Medals will be awarded in each separate event as well as an over all podium will be awarded.
Being involved in these games will require the athletes to complete the process for district team selection in 3 steps:
1. Become a member of the Saskatchewan Snowboard Association.

How to register for Canada Snowboard/ SSA membership:
Go to Saskatchewan Snowboard Association homepage at click on membership then choose type of membership and click on register
or: Canada Snowboard homepage at click on member services then overview.
Click on Login and scroll down to the Saskatchewan Snowboard Association logo and click on it.
This will take you to the Saskatchewan Snowboard Association Goalline account.
On left hand side under member registration click on the type of membership you want (athlete)
In middle of the screen click on Athlete Membership Registration 2017 / 20178
Fill in the registrant’s “Personal Information” page.
For those returning you will need your personal access code, if you do not remember it you can request that it be resent. If you are a new registrant you will not need to fill that box in.
Once all the information has been filled in click on “Save and Proceed to Step 2”
Fill in registrant’s “Programs and Products” page.
Select a program- we recommend all athletes select the “Athlete- Advanced Competitior” program. This will allow all members to compete in all in and out of province competitions that up to but not including FIS sanctioned events. There is no additional charge to select the Advanced Competitor.
Select a product, you do not need to select additional insurance unless you choose the “Athlete- Advanced Competitor with FIS license”, but can if you want additional coverage
Once all the information has been filled in click on “Save and Proceed to Step 3”
Fill in the registrant’s “Consent” page
Read over the athlete’s information and the waiver of insurance form. You will need to check the email consent button and the form must be signed at the bottom.
Once all the information has been filled in click on “Save and Proceed to Step 4”
Pay via Paypal and you are done. The cost should be $25 unless you have selected the FIS license or additional insurance.

2. Attend a Saskatchewan Winter Games ID Camp at your local resort. The Saskatchewan Snowboard Association is putting on 6 identification camps throughout the province in order to allow each athlete the best possible chance to get themselves noticed for selection to a district team. These camps will be as follows:

Asessippi, Russil, MB- December 9th
Mission Ridge, Fort Qu’Appelle, SK – December 10
Table Mountain, North Battleford, SK – Dec 17
Hidden Valley, Elk Water, AB – Dec 17
Little Red, Prince Albert, SK – Dec 22
Wapiti Valley, Gronlid, SK – Dec 23
*dates may be subject to change due to weather

It is recommended that the athlete attend the ID camp closest to their home address but if this is not possible another camp would be suitable. The ID camps will not be a competitive format but a riding session with the district coaches who are closest to that resort. In order to start evaluating talent and become familiar with the prospective athletes.

3. Compete at events> The SSA will be hosting competitions at Table Mountain, Mission Ridge, and Asessippi. Sask Winter Games coaches and SSA executive will be in attendance and performance at these competitions will go a long way to determine district team selection.

Get Amped – Rail Jam, Asessippi, Dec 9th
“Cash Bash” Wapiti- Jan 13
“Ride On” SBS Asessippi, Jan 20
SBX Table Mountain, Jan 28
“Jam Fest” SBS, Table Mountain, Feb 3
*dates may be subject to change due to weather

District team coaches will be responsible for selection of the zone athletes and will be in contact with athletes who have been selected on or after Feb 3 and no later than Feb 4.
Check out our SSA sanctioned Riderz Snowboard Club at Table Mountain, Asessippi, Mission Ridge, and Hidden Valley in order to find great coaches and athletes to train with

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