Board of Directors

The SSA Board of Directors are annually voted in to represent the best interests of the members of the SSA. All positions on the Board of Directors are volunteer positions. Your Board of Directors for 2015/2016 season are as follows:


Murray Ernst

When you love what you do it is often called “living the dream”.  At times I consider myself lucky to be doing exactly that.  Being involved in the SSA has provided me the opportunity to combine my passion for the sport with an outlet to serve the snowboard community.  I have been involved with snowboarding since the early days of the sport, starting in the late 80’s, when gearing up involved duck taping our ski boot liners in Sorel winter boots to strap on a Black Snow plastic board and surf the local toboggan hill.  My wife, myself, and three boys are a snowboarding family and look to spend as many days on snow as possible both here in Saskatchewan and elsewhere.  As long as I am involved in the SSA the organization will continue to strive to promote the sport of snowboarding recreationally, socially, and competitively.


Jen Dreger

“Snowboarding is more than simply a sport I play or hobby I enjoy. It allows me to not only be active, but also creative. It’s evident in everything I do, my clothing, my workplace, it’s how I can be identified. The best thing about this sport is that each snowboarder is encouraged to develop their own individual style, and that can happen through a number of different avenues (clothing, discipline concentration, etc.). Snowboarding can be competitive or non-competitive, challenging or relaxing, whatever you make it. In short, snowboarding has shaped my entire life, created friendships,allowed me to see a lot of different parts of Canada and put a smile on my face everyday!”


Russ Davies

Bio Coming Soon.

Jolene Reimer

Bio Coming Soon.


Chris Pool

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, former skate/snow shop owner, snowboarding for 27 years. Board member and coach for Riderz Hidden Valley.


Nicole Westerman

I joined the club as a volunteer to be coordinator for the snowboard element of the QVSSC -Qu’Appelle Valley Ski and Snowboard Club when my daughter joined “club” boarding. With the amazing skill of our coaches for great group of kids and awesome parents we have a wonderful club; we call home in the Qu’Appelle Valley at Mission Ridge

Brennan Lampitt

Bio Coming Soon.