SSA Coaches


Russell Davies

Russel is our long standing Provincial Team Coach. He is a fan favourite and crafty fellow. When he’s not chasing your kids down the mountain he can be found in his wood-work shop building custom furniture.


Jen Dreger

Jen is a radical shred-lady an runs our Chica’s Only Camps and other women’s programming. She has been in the snowboard game for a long time. Acting as an athlete and as a coach, Jen has been on both sides of the spectrum.


Roman Hermens

Roman is our Provincial Team Assistant Coach. He has a lot of experience with snowboardprogramsand the athlete experience. From Whistler to Edmonton and now Saskatchewan, Roman has worked with a variety of athletes.

Interested in becoming a Coach? Coach Programs

All coaching staff are professionally trained and active members through the Canadian Snowboard Coaching program (CSCP) and the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). All SSA coaches recognize the Canadian coaching code of ethics as the foundation for their programs.