Provincial Freestyle Team

About the Team

The SSA Provincial Team was established in 2006 to support Saskatchewan’s top snowboard athletes who are looking to compete at the next level. Each individual athlete is tactically planned for based on skills and goals for their future in snowboarding. Education is the number one tool behind our team, athletes must retain an acceptable grade average set forth by parents/guardians. Attitude is another huge tool and we at Team Sask promote strong supportive attitudes towards all surrounding people of snowboarding and life.

PROGRAM OUTLINE: The Saskatchewan Snowboard Association provincial team is the most comprehensive program within the province, with primary focus on freestyle training and competing in Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba. Our season’s have consisted of roughly 40 days of travel, training and competition at experienced facilities. Highlights of the program include: Can West Pass for Team Members (lift passes to all western Canadian resorts), top level coaching from our Canada Snowboard Comp Dev trained Team Sask coaches, competition entries fees, access to the newly purchased 33 x 50 ft training air bag, summer dry-land training, sport psychology, nutrition, drug in sport seminar, and Team Sask trip accommodations.

To provide all these services, as well as continue to make improvements the cost of the program is tremendous.  In our recent seasons our budget has been in excess of $5,500.00 per athlete.  The Saskatchewan Snowboard Association through funding from Sask Sport is able to subsidize these costs and in the past few years we have required a financial commitment from each athlete of $3,500.00 for team fees.  We do recognize that this is a big financial commitment and have also instituted a athlete driven sponsorship program by which riders can subsidize their team fees.  Some athletes have been able to decrease their program cost significantly.

After the selection camp, the selected athletes will be contacted by the SSA via email inviting them to join the Saskatchewan Provincial Snowboard Team.

More Information

For more information regarding the Saskatchewan Provincial Freestyle team, refer to the links below. You’ll find information about upcoming events, try-outs, competitions, trips and more.

The Coaching Staff


Russel Davies

Head Coach

Russel is our long standing Provincial Team Coach. He is a fan favourite and crafty fellow. When hes not chasing your kids down the mountain he can be found in his wood-work shop building custom furniture.


Roman Hermens

Assistant Coach

Roman is our Provincial Team Assistant Coach. He has a lot of experience in with snowboarding and sports in general. He provides us with a technical approach to making your kids better boarders.