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Welcome to the registration page for the Saskatchewan Snowboard Association. We offer a range of programs that cater to riders of all ability levels. If you have any questions about the programs, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

At the bottom of the page you’ll find a form where you can register for any of the programs. Following your registration, you’ll be contacted with further details.

Riderz Snowboard Club

Riderz “Youngbloods”

Snowboarding instruction for children from the ages of 6-14. For the beginner and developing snowboarder, the focus is on overall riding ability with guidance in basic movement, balance, edge control, turning, and an introduction to the terrain park. Whether snowboarding for the first time or just wanting to get better, Youngbloods has something to offer all first timers and novice/ intermediate snowboarders. The club will follow the Canada Snowboard Riders program and will have 10 lesson dates followed by a “Boarderfest” wind up. The first day of lessons will be a full day starting at 10am to noon and 1pm to 3pm. Coaches will assess boarders and put them into groups which will work off of a 2 hour lesson time. Regular lessons are 2 hours on Saturday from 10am to 12pm or 1pm to 3pm. Youngblood schedules will be sent out by the program coordinators as well as meeting places and any changes that may occur.

Cost for season coaching is $200.


Snowboarding instruction for athletes who have completed the Riderz “Youngboods” program or meets a coach assessed standard. This is an intermediate to advanced freestyle program for snowboarders looking to progress in groups of similar ability athletes. Snowboarders will continue to work on overall riding skills and competency as well as individual specialization in jumps, rails, and switch riding. Riderz is the program for snowboarders that are comfortable hitting park features and have the passion to learn more. Boarders in this division can also be a part of the Riderz Establishment/ SSA Development team and will have the opportunity to be selected to the SSA provincial team. Riderz will be a full day on every second Sunday, starting at 10 am with a lunch break and finishing between 3 and 4 pm. Riders schedules will be sent out by the program coordinators as well as meeting places and any changes that may occur.

Cost for season coaching is $375.

Riderz Establishment/ SSA Development Team

Advanced riders who want to progress their skill in the area of competitive freestyle snowboarding should consider the Riderz Establishment. The team spends time travelling to different locations, getting to train on Alberta and British Columbia mountains, as well as have organized trips to provincial resorts and competitions This travelling team also known as the SSA development team will have 3 scheduled trips to the mountains, each for 3 days, as well as 3 2 day trips to competitions within Saskatchewan. All accommodations, coaching, competition entries, and lift tickets are included. Athletes who participate in the Riderz Establishment will also train with SSA provincial team members and coaches and will have the opportunity to selected to Team Sask. All athletes who also sign up for Riderz program at their local resort to train with their club and coaches will receive a $200 discount off of the second program registration. Establishment schedule will be sent out by the program coordinator as well as meeting places and any changes that may occur.

Cost of coaching, lift tickets, competition entries, and accommodations:

under 13 – $1200 | 13 and over – $1450

**All snowboarders must register online with to purchase insurance with Saskatchewan Snowboard Association (SSA). Printed confirmation must be presented on the first day of lessons, or can be emailed or faxed to the Riderz coordinator. Without this document athletes will not be permitted to participate in lessons. The fee for the insurance is $25 per child.

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Riderz Est. (U-13)

Riderz Establishment program for athletes under 13.

Riderz Est. (13+)

Riderz Establishment Program for Athletes over 13 years old.

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Saskatchewan Snowboard Association
Riderz Snowboard Clubs
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For more information on Riderz Snowboard Clubs contact SSA president and Riderz Program Coordinator, Murray Ernst at [email protected] or call Murray at 1(306) 882-5135