SK SBD supports, promotes and facilitates the Canada Snowboard Coaching Program (CSCP). The Canadian Snowboard Coaching Program is the section of Canada~Snowboard that develops the materials and delivers the courses that give coaches the tools needed to provide the highest quality of instruction to athletes at all levels of competitive snowboarding.

To begin the process of becoming a certified coach, an individual must complete their Basic Coach course provided by CSCP and complete their National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) A & B.

Information on the CSCP Coaching Programs & Workshops can be found here. All scheduled course dates can also be found here under Workshop Registration.

Information on the NCCP Coaching Programs & Workshops can be found here.

Each coach must register as a Canada Snowboard/SK SBD member (cost $30.00). At that time, you may also purchase your coaching license (additional $25.00). This membership and license expire annually on June 30.

By purchasing your Coaching License, you will have liability insurance if you are:

  • In a Provincial Snowboard Association registered club;
  • At an activity sanctioned by a Provincial Snowboard Association;
  • If an independent coach is delivering a curriculum recognized by Canada Snowboard.

The Basic Coach will now consist of a single 3-day workshop focusing on basic speed, air, and coaching skills. In-depth discipline specific training will only begin at the Comp Intro Level.